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One Part Whimsy

Ornament Finishing Service

Ornament Finishing Service

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Needlepoint finishing service for your fully stitched needlepoint ornament canvas!

Cookie style ornament
Includes 1 or 2 (sometimes 3!) color handmade twisted cording, and cotton backing fabric.
I'm not set up to do monogramming, but I can add a date charm on request.

If you have a canvas that is not a square or circle, including oval or rectangular, please see ordering instructions below!

***Please note that I do not prefer to do heart, star or stocking shapes, or anything with a deep interior crevice. I just cannot get it finished to my satisfaction!***

When you place your order, I will message you an Information Worksheet to fill out, indicating preferences, etc. You will need to mail your canvas and the information sheet to my studio (address included on Information Sheet). I generally ship ornaments within six weeks after they arrive at my studio.

Be sure to check out my Instagram on Fridays for pics of some finished ornaments from that week! @onepartwhimsy

I like to return my finishing orders promptly (usually within 6 weeks after they arrive at my studio), so I take orders in batches. If you would like to be on the regular notification list for the next time the listing is open, please subscribe to my newsletter!


  • Measure your canvas at its widest and longest points.  (Example: 4" wide, 3" long)
  • Add those numbers together (4+3=7)
  • Divide by 2 (7/2 = 3.5)
  • Choose the appropriate size, rounding up if needed  (Select Custom shape4" and smaller) 
  • Email me a picture of your canvas before you mail it, so I can confirm that it is feasible for me!  onepartwhimsy@

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